Leanbit Srl

Leanbit Srl is a company whose core business is recognized in the design, construction and management of Digital Information's infrastructure and Communication Technology. It develops scalable cloud solutions that can be integrated with corporate information systems in public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

Leanbit provides to Binary System advice for develepment of web applications


QAMPO is a Danish company specializing in the study of analytical processes capable of developing mathematical optimization models to meet various business needs. The product of their work aims to transform Big Data into automated flows for decision support in various operational activities and company assessments.

Qampo provides Binary System with consultancy support for the development of optimization models to be implemented in the SoftRail suite.

Tualba Srl

Tualba Srl is a company specialized in Consulting, Design, Prototyping and Development of applications for smartphones and tablets and everything related to the world of Mobile.

Tualba provides to Binary System advice for the development of mobile applications

Circle Spa

Circle Spa provides consulting and innovative software solutions in the intermodal logistics field, in ports and inland terminals, to large importers/exporters. The suite MILOS integrates the Things Internet solutions (mobile solutions, RFID, OCR, laser and NFC).

Circle and Binary System offer integrated solutions to supply door to door chain management, making interoperable the data and the departure and arrival terminal systems, MTO, railway undertakings and corridor platforms.

Sysco Srl

Sysco Srl provides consultancy for the definition and implementation of the Management Systems, with particular reference to those relating to railway safety, as well as specific software for the railway market.

Sysco and Binary System offer integrated solutions to cover all activities, management and technical, specific to the railway sector.