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Our Story

Born in 2012, Binary System has been on an incredible journey in over 12 years. When we started, we set out to mobilise freight rail operations through a modern, Cloud-based solution and innovative SaaS-based business model – and right from the start, we flew.

In these 12 years we have grown to more than 60 customers – and we are proud to state that Binary is today chosen by every single freight rail operator in Italy.

But our journey goes on! Today we have clients across Europe, and our solution has now also become successful in passenger rail and other forms of local public transport, as well as maintenance workshops and interports.

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Why Choose Binary System?


Deliver and Support

Customer-centric SaaS solutions delivered on-time and on-budget.


Safety Assured

Proven to address non-compliance and manage data in the safest way possible.



The most technologically advanced transport industry solutions.

Mobilising the Industry

From the very start, mobility has been central to everything we do. Our solutions are fully integrated with web and mobile devices; and our solutions maximise usability, integration and portability to ensure they fully meet the requirements of modern transport operators. By granting real-time management control over all operational activities, we deliver mobility to rail companies. 


Binary System aims to investigate its customers’ needs and represent a reliable partner able to guide them through the best IT evolution.

In Italian language, “Binary” is a term used both in computer and rail sectors. We chose that with the purpose to express the connection between us and our partners, as our claim declares: “You know what you need; we know the best fit for you”.


Binary System flourished within’ one of harshest ever seen economic crises. We wanted not only to contribute to the recovery, but also with our skills to positively affect the economic and social scenario.

Aware of this responsibility towards next generations, driven by passion and by the will to satisfy our customers, we want to conceive and develop high quality software solutions at affordable rates.

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Our People

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Our Technologies

At Binary System we use a range of modern technologies to fully meet the needs of our customers and make our products adaptable to every situation and device. 

We rely heavily on mobile technologies, ensuring that our solutions are available anywhere, anytime. The products are developed on web platforms, with mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, tablet and Android smartphones. Applications are developed on native technology to minimize issues and ensure maximum integration with device features. We offer native and 360% support for the latest generation mobile devices.

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Binary System is part of Modaxo, a collective of companies passionate about moving people and creating innovative technology for the transportation industry.