SkillPlan is a software created to manage all training upgrades and verifying activities (included sanitary ones) of human resources. In particular, this software solution allows to schedule and manage tests and inspections depending on employee’s age and health, in order to acquire and maintain the different licenses and qualifications. SkillPlan is a precise digital management tool able to offer to the railway undertaking an always updated scenarios on its available resources.


Thanks to the dynamic calendar with daily, weekly and monthly displays, instructors can monitor the planning of activities and inspections and access to specific details.

Employees management

The “employee data sheet” shows information related to:

  • personal data;
  • obtained and certified licenses;
  • requested and planned health inspections;
  • scheduled and fulfilled activities with related results and eventual expected remedial actions.
Medical Examinations

In a dedicated section are defined all the medical examinations required for certification. Going into the details of each visit, it is possible to associate it with all entitlements managed by the system, distinguishing between old and new legislation.

Planning and Checks summary

SkillPlan allows to verify all collected data and to analyze details like expiration dates, associated licenses, involved instructor and employees.

Furthermore, thanks to this software it is possible to monitor the achievements each resource has reached.

Thanks to the programming of direct and indirect checks, the application allows the monitoring of planned checks’ activities proposing some filters to facilitate the information search; then the consumptive will lists the direct and indirect checks to which employees have been underwent, indicating the examining instructor, the date on which it was effected and the area of expertise (Traction, Movement, etc.)

Lines, Plants and Vehicles Knowledge

The system manages, for each Enabling, the ability to associate Lines, Plants and Vehicles Knowledge; if SkillPlan is connected to LogiShift, expirations of such knowledge are automatically updated by the latter.

In particular the Lines Knowledge is processed separately for direction, allowing the control in detail of each employee qualifications state.

Activities and Partecipants Register

The system allows the programmatic activities managment thanks to the guided interface for the caracteristics compiling, defining, then, the category, reference law, activity type, etc.

In addition, the personnel included in the “register of participants” can be linked to single activities.

Statistics and reports

The global activities overview is granted by Skillplan management system which makes a tool available to instructors, that they can use to extract reports, identify the licenses to be maintained, as well as fulfilled and expected inspections.


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