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SoftRail is the most advanced and interactive software solution for the management of rail activities ever developed. With one single tool, indeed, it is possible to manage and organize operational personnel, rolling stock and security activities. Entirely developed through web and mobile technologies, SoftRail is a functional and innovative software with a green soul. Through the digitalizing of all safety and travel paper documents, SoftRail has indeed significantly improved the profitability of rail traction activities, accelerated the exchange of information, reduced the environmental impact and the risk of mistakes connected to printing. SoftRail allows the real-time synchronization of all data and the integrated management of entire operations, from the set up and verification of trains, to the training and coordination of personnel, with subsequent significant savings for the rail company.

The most advanced system for a coordinated planning of employees and company’s vehicles fleets who provides all visual tools required for the periodical scheduling.
The software designed to furnish HR with a professional tool to plan, monitor and manage all the activities of training, refreshing and employees auditing.
The electronic folder for the train driver to collect, organize and distribute all the employees documentation who allows real-time communications between the rail company management and its operational personnel.
Collects and processes data related to train inspections and activities verification, generating real-time digital documents for the use of the operational personnel.
MainTrack allows to plan and monitor the activities of preventive and corrective maintenance, managing all information in electronic format.
TrainShunt allows to manage railway shunting operations in a simple and controlled way, with a graphical display of the service location’s tracks and the possibility to exchange information with external systems.


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