RailMobile is a system for security document distribution in electronic format, through which railway undertakings can define distribution rules based on staff skills and on the type of document distributed. The system centrally manages the delivery of technical documents on the tablet entrusted to the staff, including the distribution of updates and delivery acceptance registration.


The operating structure is composed by:

  • Users, they are associated with the employees;
  • Documents, which must be linked to the distribution lists by defining the necessary properties; these proporties will determine precisely which users will exactly the documents be destined to.

Each user can freely consult the documents associated to it, both from device or PC.

In the phase of access to documents, the user has the possibility to carry out different actions:

  • Favourites selection;
  • Documents searching and also words searching within a document;
  • Record insertion on different documents
  • Bookmarks Creation;
  • Comparison between Documents.

Once the document comparison has been setted, it’s possible to see at the same time two documents or even two revisions of the same document.

Updates and document revisions

Documents are real-time updated.

When one or more document revision are created and sent to the employee, the app will inform the user through a notification.

The user can choose if download all the new revision or just select which one it wants.

After the download of a new revision, it will be possible to find it in the Documents section.

Data Collection

RailMobile produces several custom forms compilable by employees.

When the employee send the completed form, the latter is save on RailMobile and it is always possible to  export the data in order to manage the result.

The forms are modular with a wide typology of buttons, folders, texts boxes, options and media files selector.


In the back end there are list of report useful for monitoring document distribution:

  • Distribution state;
  • Distribution list;
  • Distribution anomalies;
  • User Report.
Distribution alert

Within the backend of the application settings, it is possible to activate alert notification to the department managers or end users.

Depending on the type of alert, RailMobile allows to set the recipients email address, time interval for sending and the types of document to be included.

In addition, the software will present a summary table showing in detail the document revisions yet to accept, differentiating those in force for the future.


RailMobile is suitable for the following platforms and devices:

  • iOS Devices (iPad and iPhone)
  • Android Smartphones and Tablets




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