Planning and monitoring preventive and corrective maintenance​

MainTrack enables users to record, plan and monitor both preventative and corrective maintenance of the vehicle fleet, and to manage all information in electronic format. In this way it enables the most efficient management of vehicles and maintenance activities.

Key Benefits

Efficiency and Productivity

Minimise the effort required to monitor, plan and undertake all maintenance activities


Minimise locomotive unavailability due to maintenance activities


Manage preventative maintenance plans based on actual KMs travelled

Functionality Highlights

Other Features

The SoftRail Solution

Through a single platform suite, SoftRail empowers teams to easily manage and organise all operational personnel, rolling stock and safety activities. The SoftRail solution is divided into several modules specifically designed to meet the requirements of each customer and type of user. 

Operating individually or as an integrated suite, SoftRail modules ensure fully optimised operations to maximise cost savings, while prioritising and amplifying safety standards. 

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AI-Driven efficient, reliable and coordinated planning/scheduling of employees and vehicles

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Planning and monitoring preventive and corrective maintenance

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Real-time digital communications portal for all documentation

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Plan, monitor and manage all training, refreshing activities and employee audits.

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Management and control over all railway shunting operations

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Real-time data covering inspections and verification activities