MainTrack allows the user to record, plan and monitor the preventive and corrective maintenance of the vehicle fleet, managing all information in electronic format.

MainTrack is an application designed for the resources that deal with the management of vehicles, capable of handling all the maintenance activities, the electronic signaling an anomaly to the registration dell'effettuato intervention, from the calculation of the service intervals to their management in terms of planning . MainTrack is a precise instrument and punctual, ideal to plan and monitor in real time the fleet. Specifically, the software allows the user to manage the recording of maintenance activities (corrective and preventive), the unavailability, hiring, the board book with all the information related to it (list of edge and technological equipment, restrictions, modifications, experiments ) and track the status of the vehicle fleet, to be able to permit the use in operation.


Through special windows the user can record and manage all the information needed to handle maintenance tasks: from the details of each vehicle managed, including the Maintenance Plan, to all the organizations involved, from registration and simulation in traffic to any de contractual limits.

Global vision

All activities can be monitored through the calendar that provides a comprehensive overview of the work done and the planned one.

Corrective maintenance

The abnormalities found during the use of the vehicles can be directly recorded by authorized users through the providing of all required and necessary information.

As a result, the anomalies can be controlled using the software in real time, both in terms of analysis and evaluation that programming of corrective maintenance interventions.

Preventive maintenance

According to the vehicle's Maintenance Plan and its use, the software calculates the deadlines and, therefore, provides a valid support in the planning and registration of preventive maintenance.


In order to allow an easy and simple user experience, thanks to MainTrack is also possible to schedule and record "cumulative"maintenance operations .

In particular, through a single registration, for each vehicle it is possible to simultaneously treat the work performed during the same operation for different reporting (corrective maintenance) and for different maintenance plan’s deadlines (preventive maintenance).

Statistics and report

The overall view of the activities is ensured by the management system provided by MainTrack that offers its users reports about every vehicle of interest and all the associated activities, with different levels of detail.

The software allows the user to fully verify the data collected and analyze details such as meeting deadlines, the reports received for each vehicle, historical interventions, employees and involved workshops.

In order to ensure any necessary further analysis by users, all data are also exportable.


In addition to the compatibility with the mobile devices, thanks to the technologies used, MainTrack  has also a dedicated APP that allows the view of the vehicle’s Board Book.

In particular, through the APP there will be displayed, for each vehicle of interest, the anomalies occurred, the operating restrictions and changes/experiments, as well as to report, in real time, any more anomalies regarding the vehicle during its use.


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