The Most Complete AI-driven Software for Railway Operations

Binary System maximises the efficiency and safety of every aspect of your rail operation.

For more than 12 years we have supported railway companies to face the challenges of their business, from transport and shift planning to employee skills management and communications, safety documentation, fleet management and train composition. Binary System provides one simple Cloud-based application through which you can undertake all activities.
Read on to learn why over 60 customers across Europe trust Binary System to help manage more than 60,000 rail employees and deliver 330,000 train journeys each year.

The SoftRail Solution

Binary System’s SoftRail is the most complete specialist AI-driven rail software suite available today. Developed in collaboration with over 60 customers across Europe with safety and flexibility in mind, the system has been designed from the ground up to meet the requirements of rail operators and local public transport providers.
Through a single platform suite, SoftRail empowers your teams to easily plan, manage and organise all operational personnel, fleet, rolling stock and safety activities. The solution is divided into several modules, each with its own native mobile application, specifically designed to meet the requirements of each customer and type of user.
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AI-Driven efficient, reliable and coordinated planning/scheduling of employees and vehicles

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Planning and monitoring preventive and corrective maintenance

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Real-time digital communications portal for all documentation

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Plan, monitor and manage all training, refreshing activities and employee audits

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Management and control over all railway shunting operations

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Real-time data covering inspections and verification activities

Why Choose Binary System?


Deliver and Support

Customer-centric SaaS solutions delivered on-time and on-budget.


Safety Assured

Proven to address non-compliance and manage data in the safest way possible.



The most technologically advanced transport industry solutions.

Our Customers

Our Story

Born in 2012, Binary System has been on an incredible journey in over 12 years. When we started, we set out to mobilise freight rail operations through a modern, Cloud-based solution and innovative SaaS-based business model – and right from the start, we flew.
In these 12 years we have grown to more than 60 customers – and we are proud to state that Binary is today chosen by every single freight rail operator in Italy.
But our journey goes on! Today we have clients across Europe, and our solution has now also become successful in passenger rail and other forms of local public transport, as well as maintenance workshops and interports.