Real-time data covering inspections and verification activities.

VerForm is a dedicated solution for the prepration of freight and passengers’ compositions. It collects and processes all data relating to technical verification activities, composition and handling of freights. All documents are provided in an electronic format and each data can be entered manully by users or also imported automatically through H30 and/or TAF/TSI interfaces.

With VerForm, all of the documentation is stored directly within one system and can easily be provided in real time to any interested partner or to RU’s personnel using the application in the field.

Key Benefits

Efficiency and Productivity

Ensure maximum efficiency in relation to inspections and verification activities. Automation reduces administrative workload and avoids costly mistakes, ensuring that every information flows wherever needed, both within the company and externally to partner organisations.

Compliance Assured

The train composition is checked before departure to ensure compliance and to meet the requirements for the transported goods.


It speeds up calculation, checks, and data entry, reducing work-load by more than 90% compared to paper entries or Excel, providing real-time feedback to the user to ensure human error is minimised.


Real-time tracking of every verification, train preparation and technical data change to the fleet, as well as a history of failures detected in the fleet and freight transported.

Functionality Highlights

Other Features

The SoftRail Solution

Through a single platform suite, SoftRail empowers teams to easily manage and organise all operational personnel, rolling stock and safety activities. The SoftRail solution is divided into several modules specifically designed to meet the requirements of each customer and type of user. 

Operating individually or as an integrated suite, SoftRail modules ensure fully optimised operations to maximise cost savings, while prioritising and amplifying safety standards. 

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Real-time data covering inspections and verification activities