VerForm is a supporting software for the technical verification and train training activities, that can generate all required documents, including those accompanying a train, in an electronic format.

VerForm collects and processes data relating to the technical verification and train formation, performed on the territory, generating all the documents provided in electronic format, based both on data provided by users and imported via Hermes 30 interfaces and / or TAF / TSI compliance . This documentation, as well as drawn and stored directly in the system, can be provided in real time to personnel and other interested organizations.



Through special windows the user can record and control all the information needed to manage the technical assessment activities and train formation: from the details of the tracks and vehicles used to the organizations involved, from the types of transportable goods to the permits for Exceptional Transport and with the technical provisions reference for the IF.

Global vision

All activities can be monitored through the calendar that provides a comprehensive overview of the work done and the one running.

Train composition's management

The value entry box with autocomplete makes the identification of vehicles already in the system easier. The order to drag vehicles also simplifies the definition of the suit train.


Train formation

For each wagon that will compose the train you can enter all the information about cargo, including those dangerous according to RID and waste.

Technical verification

For each wagon in the train, you can enter any detected abnormalities, also documented by photos and declared by the types of labels applied to the wagon.

Such abnormalities also allow the compilation and automatically send  the GCU Annex , where required.

Nor is it possible to record the outcome of the test of the brake run.

Reports and warnings

Based on the data entered, VerForm check the train characteristics against the reporting standards by reporting any user Alert and/or Warning, that is, situations which, respectively, appear to be incompatible with the rules (e.g. last braked vehicle does not in service) or that require precautions by staff (eg .: towed greater part of 1.200 t).

VerForm provides also several reports to provide  users the necessary information for management activities planned and necessary, including the "Report Dangerous Goods" must be prepared in accordance with RID.


In addition to being fully compatible with the mobile devices thanks to the technologies used, VerForm is also equipped with dedicated APP that allows, similarly to the web version, the registration of the operational activities of interest.


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