Created to plan and coordinate human resources and rolling stock, LogiShift is a management software for the operating activities of the railway undertakings.

LogiShift checks and defines tracks, use of vehicles and use of personnel, in compliance with the specific qualifications required. This application also allows to sort the tracks to go by grouping them on a geographical basis and according to staff availability.

Thanks to LogiShift, the user can easily perform the control of functions (First Agent, Proofreader, manipulator, ...) enabled on each the rail network’s track by generating roles assigned to the employee in his work shift.


All the resources from which the entities draw their data can be defined in a registry section; this information applies: tracks, locomotives, employees, functions, types of work activities. In particular the management of tracks involves the insertion and the guided construction of paths, in addition to the indication of the validity period, frequency, schedules, requirements, trade data.

Flow for the planning and definition of shifts

The workflow designed for the shift development guides users to the definition of programs, based shifts and operating shifts, as well as to the generation of studies and possible scenarios for the rotation of equipment and personnel. The planner user is accompanied in the management of the tracks to process, in order to produce an initial programming in the studies definition and then a list of base shifts groupedon different scenarios of planning. The user can then take a real development to replicate the scenario planning in the desired weeks so that the system checks the shifts defined in this operational phase on the basis of registries entered or imported from SkillPlan, allowing the optimization of available resources.

Weekly reprogramming

The weekly reprogramming view allows the user to focus on a specific period of time.

The system highlights free resources and not covered trains, to simplify the problem management.

The ability to manage and update in real time the availability of people and vehicles, allows a comprehensive view of the railway undertakings resources.

When the work is finished, the programmer can send the personnel shifts by e-mail.

Shift allocation's checks

Thanks to LogiShift the user can easily perform the tasks’ monitoring (First Agent, Verifier, Shunter, ...) enabled on single route of the rail network by generating roles assigned to the employee within his work shift.
Each operation aimed at planning, programming and operational management of the personnel shifts, is structured in order to meet the obtained qualifications of competency and route knowledge.  Besides it is structured so as to observe the contractual terms of the various tasks performed on the basis of company’s organization.

Trains and shifts operational management

In this section the user can manage the daily tracks with the application of service changes: change of actual times, deletions, origins/destinations and tracks and shifts modification, personnel takes over and extraordinary tracks availability.

The system supports the user in verifying the necessary requirements allocation of a shift, identifying for each employee:

- Availability

- Enabling to the service

- Compliance with the constraints of the national contract


Locomotives operational management

LogiShift allows the user to manage the activities of all locomotives in the fleet, filtering them by group or by high traction train. The user can view a graphic interface that highlights active, in the composition, in the head, tail and in multiple traction locomotives. The system shows in real time any geographical or temporal potential errors of the user-entered locomotives activities, as well as trains for which there have not been registered the assigned locomotive.

Final accounting personnel activities

Through the export of the clockings the user can interface with the company's payroll software and make the two systems communicate to enable the correct calculation of personnel salaries.


The system allows the user to export data in Excel format related to production (detailed list of trains made in a period of time, categorized by type and/or by contract), activities of the operating personnel, mileage of locomotives fleet, state of all personnel route/station /locomotives knowledge.


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