TrainShunt is the new SoftRail suite application born to manage railway shunting operations in a simple and controlled way.

Global Vision

The application allows to manage the entire flow of the shunting activities:

  • Planning of scheduled shunting activities;
  • Coordination of daily shunting orders;
  • Allocation and execution of shunting orders from team coordinator to team leaders;
  • Final accounting executed shunting orders with possibility to record the operations to be invoiced to the customer;
  • Final accounting data exportation to external systems and billing.
Service Locations Configuration

TrainShunt allows to configure a registry of service locations in which the company operates shuntings.

For each service location it is possible to configure the schema of the tracks that corresponds to the structure of the same, by characterizing each track with an identifier and a maximum length.

It is also possible to insert a warning if the user positions on it a wagon composition with too high length.


TrainShunt is natively designed for mobile use.

The Team Coordinator  user can assign the shunting orders to a team leader; from its tablet, it can take in charge the order, conduct operations to the team and confirm the execution of the same.

It is also possible to record from the mobile no forecasted operation of the team Coordinator.

Shunting Orders Management

In the programming section, the user can enter the scheduled shunting required (primary, secondary, internal), characterized by timetables, periodicity, detailed information and billing.

In coordination phase it will be possible to actualize the planned requirements and create daily shunting orders, or record extraordinary shunting orders afresh.

For each daily shunting order, the user can record the received Making Available (6A module) and send notice about material delivery form to the Railway Undertaking. (6B module).


External System Interfaces

The system enables communication with software and external systems regarding shunting orders, as well as importing the automatic incoming trains composition and sending information relating to wagons lists of outgoing trains.

All stocktaking data can also be exported for the management of billing or control management: data collected by TrainShunt during the shunting management allow to summarize the necessary information for orders  invoicing, simplifying processes and ensuring greater reliability.


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