Assisted Training

The revolutionary application allows figures as Instructors/Examiners to register in the system an "Training Activities" to be made, indicating any data requirements for the traceability of the same in accordance with its Management System, the list of participants who have to carry out the training activity in question, selectable on time or by "distribution rules" and the date by which the task must be delivered.

About task creation will be informed the staff associated with it and any other user definable by the company who uses the system.

For each activity, the user defines an ordered list of "modules" that make it up and which must necessarily be carried out in the order shown; for each module can be specified a minimum time of consultation and identified the content that characterizes it.

The activity, by tablet, will be usable both Offline and Online.



It is possible to use:

- .pdf;

- videos, including the possibility of inhibiting navigation (pause, forward/backward);

- SCORM contents, including functionality provided by such content (inhibition navigation Video, completion requirements, ...).

The system, for each participant, record the times of the course material consultation of each module and the total times of the activity.


The application allows the creation of various types of Tests; they are accessible from tablet Online and Offline and through it the user can determine:

- The number of question for which will be made;

- The list of questions from which will be drawn in automatically and randomly those to be proposed to the user, indicating, at the same time, the type of expected response (open or closed) and, in case of closed response, also the correct answer to each question so as to allow automatic correction of the test;

- The time available for the test run;

- The minimum number of correct answers for passing the test (if applicable);

Intermediate Test

If it is an Intermediate Test, the system will evaluate the duration and completeness of the reference teaching materials consultation by the user to allow him, just in case of fairness, the access. Upon the test completion, or once finished the time available, the system will calculate if it has been exceeded; if so, the user can proceed to the next module and, if not, it will see the teaching material of the module in question and make a new test once again. If the second test carried out fails, the user is "locked."

Initial/Final Test

Similarly, the user can schedule the Initial/Final Test. The access to initial test will be given to all participants, while access to the final test will be granted only to users who looked all modules and passed all the intermediates tests required, without the opportunity to consult teaching materials. The system, for each participant and for each test, record the time taken, the answers given, the corrections made in the evaluation phase, the result and any action chosen by the user.

Questionnaires, Checks and Reports

At the end of the activity, regardless of the result, the user can fill in an anonymous form, a standard satisfaction questionnaire rating the quality of the course. The system will record the responses, process the data and make it available for their consultation.

In addition to reporting on the records, the system will be able to provide:

- Certificates of the course, based on the format defined by the Company which will also be automatically sent to users

- Email Alert to highlight any users who have not yet carried out the planned training activities about intermediate tests not exceeded for 2 times or other "events" associated with the activities;

- E-mail notification of activity performing of the user;

- Dashboard for instructors consultation of the activities in progress.

Finally, it is planned the ability to use a forum for each activity, so that each participant can exhibit their questions/doubts and receive response from the instructor staff involving in the discussion, at the same time, the other participants to the activity.


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