Binary System Expands Operations into Spain

News June 06, 2023 11:33

Binary System Expands Operations into Spain

We are thrilled to announce the expansion of Binary System in Spain, supported by its parent company, Modaxo. As a leading software solutions provider, we are excited to bring our expertise and innovative technology to the Spanish market.

Our continued growth has allowed us to expand our operations to meet the increasing service demand. We are confident that our expansion in Spain will provide our customers with even greater access to the resources and value they need to drive their businesses forward.

Spain is a true global pioneer in public transportation and railway innovation. The blend of tradition and cutting-edge technology points to a positive future with efficient and seamless travel for all. For these reasons this exciting journey is more than a market entry; it is Binary System and Modaxo joining a world-class standard in mobility.

Laurent Eskenazi, Head of Modaxo Europe

It is possible to find all the details in the press release attached below the photo, which captures the celebration of Binary System's launch in Spain, at the 2023 UITP Global Public Transport Summit. Left to right: 

  • Francisco Martin Monteagudo, HR & IT Director, Ouigo Espana
  • Sergio Barcena, Director of Operations Planning and Maintenance, Ouigo Espana
  • Laurent Eskenazi, Head of UK/Europe, Modaxo
  • Giacomo Mantovani, CEO, Binary System
  • Luis de Azpiazu, Market Unit Leader, Modaxo 
  • Alejandro Sanchez, Responsable de Sistemas Operativos, Ouigo Espana
Binary System Expands Operations into Spain