Technology for Safety in Rail Operations

Safety is an essential requirement for all aspects of rail operations. So, if you are considering technology partners, here are 5 essential components.
  • 1
    Software as a Service (SaaS)
    A SaaS model is especially valuable in new markets because its lightweight infrastructure ensures and enables the team to effectively focus their time. OUIGO Spain’s Alejandro Sanchez: “Almost all our systems are Software as a Service (SaaS). We are very deliberate about this: we are a small team, and this enables us to externalise effort and competences, reducing infrastructure and maintenance costs.”
  • 2
    Mobile First
    Mobilisation of operations is fundamental to both safety and efficiency. Therefore, work with a partner that can offer solutions designed to take advantage of mobile technology through all aspects of the operation. Embracing mobile communications ensures total efficiency when organising personnel – thereby maximising the opportunities to win new contracts and then deliver them profitably.
  • 3
    Proven Delivery
    It is an established truism that you only have one chance to make a first impression. In the same way, an operator will only ever have one chance to undertake a first implementation in a new market. It is therefore essential that the project runs to plan – which requires the support of a technology partner with a proven track record undertaking this kind of project.
  • 4
    Breadth of Experience
    Delivering into a new market means having the ability to understand and respond to local requirements. Great software is of course vital, but it is just as important to work with a partner that has vast, diverse experience and expertise. That means established rail experts covering different countries and an understanding of both passenger and freight rail.
  • 5
    Capability Sharing Data
    Many rail operators struggle to obtain and make use of the data within their system – this can be a major problem when entering a new market, given the risks and intense scrutiny on KPIs to ensure the expansion succeeds. This is especially true for operators that are part of larger groups, with a requirement to report KPIs back to a central organisation. Openness and sharing of data have been fundamental parts of the Binary solution since day 1 – and are a major reason why embraced modern Cloud, SaaS and Mobile technologies in our specialist rail solution.